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Posted on Dec 15, 2014

1941 Diamond T

1941 Diamond T

This 1941 Diamond T began life as a 1-ton farm truck complete with a grain box. After many years along a fenchline, the discarded truck is being brought back to life. This is the very first vehicle that Joan learned to drive. The truck was a workhorse on her fathers farm. Needless to say, it will be a bit more comfortable to drive once it leaves the Lo-Boy’s shop. The suspension has been upgraded to a reproduction independent system derived from a Mustang II utilizing a Macgyver Street Rod Products Crossmember and an International KB frame, shortened some 18 inches, fully boxed. Macgyver’s also supplied the 11″ Disc Brake Kit.

A Ford 9″ differential is used out back with 3:30 gears. The rear suspension is a parrellel leaf design from Macgyver’s Street Rod Products. The engine is a 350 smallblock Chevy built by George Keyes at Smith’s Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilding in Lena, MB. Sanderson blockhuggers move the exhaust to the 2-1/2″ pipes.A TH400 completes the drivetrain. Gear selection is handled by a Gennie shifter. The cab will remain basically stock. We fortunately located a good parts vehicle with the required parts to bring the truck back to life. The roof on the original truck was extensively rotted above the windshield from moisture trapped within the former home of a large field mouse family!

Originally, our intent was to use the pickup box from the donor truck, make it smaller, more in scale with our pickup project. But we opted to hand fabricate a stepside box. The front fenders from the 2nd truck have been modified to work on the rear. We also hand formed full length smooth running boards.